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     PutneyCarpetCleaners have been doing our domestic cleaning for over a year now, and we wouldn't cope without them. Our home is well taken care of, and the team are a really lovely bunch.
Graham Summers19/05/2020
     Thank you, guys! I love coming home from work to a clean house. You do a fantastic domestic cleaning job!
Barbara W.19/09/2019
     I was in need of some help when I was moving out of my rental place. After removing all of the furniture and appliances to our new home the dirt was horrendous. Obviously out of sight out of mind! Anyway, I was saved by the skill of a local cleaning company called Putney Carpet Cleaning Company. They delivered a super fast and thorough end of tenancy cleaning service. The cleaners were polite and worked very hard all over, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming until the house was immaculate. The results were fantastic and the cost was good too! What an excellent service!
Kerry Evans14/07/2015
      Putney Carpet Cleaning Company have been a great help for me. I struggled to get my cleaning done consistently and they have been able to cover everything. My bathroom cleaning in particular was suffering so I had them handle it. They washed and cleaned every part of my bathroom until it was immaculate. I'm very impressed with their services and thankful for their help.
Burt Lynch27/05/2015
     Since my house faces the busy highway below, dust accumulation is unavoidable. After seeing the condition of the house, my mother-in-law suggested that I got the house cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Services Putney. I am so thrilled with the brilliant work carried out by their team. My sofa, walls, kitchen and even bathroom look refurbished. I have now hired them for weekly cleaning of the house.
Bruce N.08/05/2015
     You will find that there is little to complain about if you get PutneyCarpetCleaners round for a spring clean! They made light work of getting the house looking its best form top to bottom last week, and I am sure that they could do the same for anyone else! I have been extremely impressed by the knowledge, skill and speed that they have in their locker, and will be surprised if anyone else is less impressed. If you need a home clean overhaul, then it is well worth getting in touch with this lot, they really are excellent.
Angela Powell31/07/2014
     When I was going for my promotion, I never though how much it would affect my life if I actually got it. Before I had loads of free time so my house was always looking its best but now after the long hours, even on my days off I can't find the energy to get round to cleaning. My best friends gave me the number of PutneyCarpetCleaners and had such amazing things to say about their cleaners that I just had to give them a try. This company have the best cleaners around and the price is incredible too!
Talita F.16/07/2014
     We love it when our offices are tidy and smell fresh, and hate it if they aren't it when we all come in to work on a Monday morning. The help of PutneyCarpetCleaners has been all about the former. Our workplace is a pleasure to be in after the office cleaners have been. They come outside work hours to make sure that they don't get in the way of work and do a great job, cleaning the bathrooms very thoroughly and giving things like shelves and window ledges a good dusting, which can be a major pulling point as many cleaning companies neglect these things when they are cleaning business premises.
Jay Richards30/06/2014
     I keep dogs and cats, too many some would say, however I agree that my pets do make a mess and the house could look a lot cleaner than what it now looks. The carpets are most affected and this is where I wanted to start. I hired PutneyCarpetCleaners who are a small family run carpet and upholstery cleaning company. To cut a long story short, they cleaned my carpets with their steam machines and various chemicals and now they look and smell so clean again. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm for all carpet and upholstery cleaning.
Alison Tandy12/06/2014
     I was after a weekly cleaner for my daughter who had just had a baby and was returning to work. I had used PutneyCarpetCleaners on many occasions and was always happy with the cleaning service and the staff were friendly and helpful. The home cleaning is done to a high standard and farily quickly too. The company use high quality products and effective cleaning methods to make your home look sparkling clean. The workers are efficient and work hard. The costs are reasonable and certainly worth every penny. My daughter now hires them every week to keep on top of the chores.
Dina C.26/05/2014
     Cleaning is not the most exciting job in the world, well not for me anyway. If I can get out of doing a household chore then I will, I hate to admit it but I detest cleaning especially when I have been to work all day and I am tired. I decided to hire PutneyCarpetCleaners as I thought they could pop in when I'm at work and attend to the jobs that need doing whilst I'm working, I used this company because my friend knew of them and I didn't want to hire strangers. But they are great, they are insured, they have I.D and they are very professional and will even call to verify something they may find odd if I'm not there, trustworthy and fab company from.
     I live in University house filled with 5 lads and often many more short-term lodgers. We often throw parties and generally fit the stereotype of young male University students. Due to the decline in hygiene standards in our home we booked a cleaner from PutneyCarpetCleaners to visit regularly and keep us on top of things. I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent and our cleaner has really become a part of our experience with a cheeky smile and a great attitude. Thanks so much I don't know what I would do without you!
Mark Stephenson08/04/2014
     I was so pleased I contacted PutneyCarpetCleaners to clean my office. Not only did they get the place looking and smelling great, but they paid special attention to little details like the blinds. Our expensive computers were cleaned, yet unharmed. Such a great service, but for a little fee was something that I could not get my head around. I now call them each and every time I want my office cleaning. I could not think about hiring anyone else now that I know what a great quality service is and should be like. I have recommended them to everyone and anyone I know!
Ollie Dixon27/03/2014
     I hope that people reading this will feel like PutneyCarpetCleaners are worth calling up, as they really do deserve all the business that they can get. They have a small, family company feel about them, with friendly staff, and fantastic work ethic which makes having them round a real pleasure! In some ways, having a cleaner can feel a little lazy, but with the way in which this lot deal with the housework, you will wonder why you ever bothered trying it yourself!
Shirley G.05/03/2014
     I was suspicious of PutneyCarpetCleaners's claim that they could provide quick and efficient end of tenancy cleaning with only a few hours notice. I needed reliable end of tenancy cleaning service fast, as I was due to move out of my current apartment in only a few days and needed a thorough clean. They were able to get working in no time. They cleaned hard to reach corners, dusted, mopped and even cleaned windows and upholstery. Their service was sufficient and thorough and I would recommend them to anybody planning a move. Thanks to the staff at PutneyCarpetCleaners for providing excellent end of tenancy cleaning.
Victoria Y.18/02/2014
     If you were thinking about replacing any carpets in your home, I would honestly recommend letting PutneyCarpetCleaners work their magic one them first. It will cost a lot less, and they have worked wonders on some of my carpets in the past. I am a landlord, so it goes without saying that the flooring in my properties is often not treated with a lot of care and/or attention. So every time a tenant moves out I have the carpets professionally cleaned by these guys, and it is amazing just how massive a transformation they effect. Wouldn't be without their service.
Jonny Dilner30/01/2014
     I was having a really tough time trying to convince my husband that we needed to hire a professional cleaner. I found out about PutneyCarpetCleaners through a friend and read lots of positive online reviews too! I showed them to my husband and he reluctantly agreed to give them a go and we were both really happy with the results! Our home was amazingly clean in no time at all - we could have practically eaten off the floors! Now we use this cleaning service on a regular basis and we wouldn't trust anyone else with this job. Thanks so much for all the help!
     If you are the type of person who feels like carpets are the kind of thing that need cleaning professionally, then you and I are kindred spirits. I use PutneyCarpetCleaners to get my carpet cleaning done, as they are extremely professional and ensure that the job is done quickly and efficiently, so that I'm not concerning myself with such things during my busy day. Whether you need dry cleaning, steam cleaning, or just a quick shampoo, it doesn't matter, they can do pretty much anything that you need!
S. Nelson07/01/2014

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